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Boost your CQC Score: Join an Innovation Project

Evidence suggests that care businesses must fully utilise innovation as a valuable tool for improving the care sector. Participating in an innovation project is transforming the care sector while improving your CQC rating – two critical things to be a part of and excel at when working in the care industry. An outstanding CQC score is valuable for various reasons, including demonstrating that you provide the highest quality of care, increasing staff morale, and making it easier to recruit top professionals to care for the people in your care homes. As you improve your reputation, others will be more inclined to choose you to care for their loved ones too. Find out below why you should join an innovation project.

Encouraging innovation within the care sector is at the heart of Complete Care Advisory – innovation within your business will benefit your CQC rating and, most importantly, those you care for. The outcome of care innovation projects is ultimately to boost service efficiency and improve quality of life. Still, you get the added benefit of a boosted CQC rating with the help of Complete Care Advisory.  

By completing an innovation project with us, you are meeting the principles laid down by CQC as well as meeting the standards they have set under “quality improvement, innovation and sustainability”. This will lead to a boosted CQC rating – meaning you can show the best quality and safety in your care business. 

Despite technological advances, the care system could be better at maximising the benefits for people who use the services, and care providers have a crucial role in changing this situation. National bodies have come together to develop a shared understanding of what providers need to do to innovate well.

Six principles have been created from this to help providers innovate more effectively. 

These principles are:

  • Develop and deploy innovations with the people that will use them
  • Develop a culture where innovation can happen
  • Support your people
  • Adopt the best ideas and share your learning
  • Focus on outcomes and impact
  • Be flexible when managing change.

These principles are met in our projects – making it easy for you to be a part of something essential and boosting your CQC rating. In recent years, innovations have transformed care, resulting in better patient results and experiences. These advancements span from creating less invasive diagnostic tests to introducing and developing fall detection technologies.

Another thing that is looked at when you have an inspection is “quality improvement, innovation and sustainability”. Good and outstanding rated services encourage and effectively resource drive for improvement – and joining a project led by Complete Care Advisory enables you to show that you are committed to researching and acting upon innovation. This is a crucial element of an outstanding outcome, so taking part in one of our innovative projects enables you to give your CQC rating that boost it needs to head into the next category.

We are looking to give universities, ambulance services, care homes, hospices, hospitals, domiciliary and provision of care services providers a chance to get involved with the following innovation projects:

  • Alleviating tremors in Parkinson’s disease
  • Facial recognition for improved care
  • Unified AI, computer vision and IoT systems
  • Improved medical diagnostics through breath analysis 
  • Physiotherapy services development
  • Fighting cancer with milk-transported genes
  • Augmented reality to improve care standards
  • Preventing suicidal ideation innovation

Grow your reputation for excellence and boost your CQC rating by joining one of our innovation projects today.


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