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Discover how land can yield a new income stream.

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our priority is securing you a new revenue stream..

Are you sitting on a field of dreams? If you have half an acre of land available for development, or are adjacent to open space land, we might be able to help you unlock its hidden potential and create an extra revenue. Your land could unlock exciting benefits for the future of your business.


Contact us today to see if you can cultivate additional income streams and harvest the increased value of your business.

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how can it benefit me?


Open up a new revenue stream, which isn't just a short-term cash injection.


Land value can significantly increase over time, securing additional funds.


Land availability for development unlocks diverse growth opportunities.

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Encourage innovation, improve patient care and increase your CQC rating when you join One of our Innovation projects.

All you need to qualify is the following...

Be adjacent to open space land

Own half an acre or more of available land

This space could be the key to unlocking the hidden potential of your care home, and exploring new avenues for growth.

Why Choose Complete Care Advisory?

With over 17+ years of experience, we support care providers with an extensive range of accountancy and advisory services, tailored to you.

Specialists in care sector

We’re experts in supporting the care sector, and it's literally what we do, all day every day.

tailored service
We offer a high-quality tailored service that is designed to fit your individual business needs
Stress free
You can focus on the care, whilst we focus on this


We maintain a close relationship with care providers and possess a comprehensive understanding of the necessary procedures.


We know what exactly what to do to help you secure your growth.

Integrated service
We do everything for you
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Open up this fantastic opportunity with Complete Care Advisory and get in contact with one of our expert advisors to nurture your lands potential and reap the rewards.


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