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Capital Allowances services to help you access years of tax savings

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Capital Allowances

Whether you are currently buying, or have previously purchased a care home or commercial property – you could be eligible to claim capital allowances. Many owners of qualifying care homes and commercial properties are unaware of the potential capital allowances that could be identified on the purchase price of the property, due to its complex nature, which can result in years of tax savings being missed.

That’s where Complete Care come in. Our extensive knowledge of the care industry, combined with the expertise of our tax specialists means we can identify all qualifying expenditures and give your business the tax relief it’s due. 

Capital Allowances Complete Care Advisory

What are Capital Allowances?

Capital allowances are a form of tax relief that can be claimed when your business buys an asset to use in your business, this includes equipment, machinery, fixtures, and fittings. Many care homes and commercial property owners are unaware of the significant tax saving a capital allowances claim can provide.


With the claim being expected to identify around 20% – 35% of a property’s purchase price as capital expenditure, we believe this is vital to every business that it applies to.

Our experts are Complete Care will identify the capital expenditure at the time of purchase and use this to create tax savings that will be applicable for many years.

Our Capital Allowances Process


We will provide a remote service, meaning we can carry out a thorough property survey without visiting – minimising the risks associated with allowing visitors into your home.
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When surveying a property as part of the claims process, many general accountants will overlook several qualifying fixtures. Our team here at Complete Care Advisory have years of experience carrying out capital allowance claims, notably within the care sector, meaning we can significantly reduce your tax bill risk-free, and in a timely manner. 


We also ensure all claims submitted are fully compliant, reducing the risk of receiving penalties from HMRC. 
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Our Care sector specialists are on-hand to assist you with your Accountancy &  Innovation Project needs.


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